How to become an user (IISc)

  1. Go through the safety, protocol and contamination training presentations and videos at the NNFC website (

  2. Take the cleanroom/NNFC annexe protocol/safety test conducted every Tuesday and Friday between 4.30 pm and 5.15 pm at Seminar Hall, CeNSE building

  3. Please note, due to social distancing protocols, only 10 students will be allowed to take the test at a time.

  4. Seats for the test will be on first come, first serve basis. Please send an email to, if you want to take the test.

  5. Confirmation on the availability of a spot will be send by Monday (for Tuesday slot)/Thursday (for Friday slot) 5.00pm.

  6. Results will be available on the notice board infornt of the cleanroom on Monday and Wednesday.

  7. Passing the test is mandatory to enter into the cleanroom

  8. For users who pass the test, Orientation ppt is available online at Please go through the same before applying for biometric access. 

  9.  Please note NNFC is a paid usage facility. Register in FOM with the the right account number (please talk to your supervisor regarding the account number)

  10. Apply for the biometric access to the cleanroom after downloading  the NNFC User Agreement form (available under NNFC resources in the website), getting it signed by your Guide then submitting it to NNFC office.

  11. The Biometric acess will be given on Wednesdays at 11am (ONLY after orientation).  Please make sure your FOM account is activated by NNFC office along with your biometric access.

  12. To become an independent user apply for the training ,get trained and use the tool

  13. Training videos are present in the  respective user groups/FOM. 

  14. Dependent users can reserve the slots and use the tool during office hours with facility technologist help.

  15. Apply for the approval for specific equipment use.

  16. Reserve the slots and use the equipment’s.


Dependent User

  • One is allowed to be a dependent user, only if the tool use is limited to max. 2 times.

  • He/She is authorized to book slots during office hours only.

  • Process will be done by the relevant Facility Technologist(FT).

  • No express log on is allowed for dependent users.

  • Sensitive equipments,e.g furnace entertains only dependent users.

  • All INUP / external IISc users are dependent users.


Independent User

  • One should apply for Independent User access, if usage of a tool is not limited to 2 times.

  • Independent (Any time access) is provided after training and practice slots.

  • Training will not include “how to repair”.

  • Slot transfer is not allowed unless approved by FT.

  • 'Anytime access’ is tool centric.

  • Independent access to the tool can be revoked if any unauthorized activity is observed on the tool.