NNFC e-Request


The What?

It is a request procedure for all new processes (Diffusion, Deposition, Litho, Dry Etch, Wet etch, Inline Characterization) that needs to be developed / optimized in NNfC facility.

"New Process" pertains to recipes or processes which do not adhere to standard recipes or process already available on the various tools at NNfC.

The Why?

Currently, we have observed that there are similar process requests from different users and work goes on concurrently, resulting in loss of time and resources. The above procedure will help to minimize re-inventing the wheel. It also allows the technology managers and facility technologists to resolve your issues more efficiently and serve you better.

The How?

In order to access the Online Process Request System, all potential users are requested to register at

Click on “Member Login”, to register yourself. Once registered, please follow the instructions on the Member Dashboard to submit a process request. (Faculty Login is for Technology Managers and other authorized process Request review members).

All details pertaining to Process Request Submission and Process Request Execution are available in the “Process Request Procedure” Document on the Member /Faculty Dashboard.

“Process Request Procedure” Click here

“Maximum two active process requests per member”

"Process Requests are chargeable", "Only NNFC Users can raise a Process Request"

"Not submitting duly filled Process Request Closure Report will lead penalty to the Requester."

Tool owners /Facility Technologists have been informed to direct all new process requests to follow the above procedure.

No request deviating from the above procedure will be entertained.