Chemical Wetbench HF Vapor Phase Etcher - Level 3

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Chemical Wetbench HF Vapor Phase Etcher is used for striction free silicon dioxide etching in microfabrication.

HF vapor phase etcher is used for Silicon dioxide etching using HF vapors which is a quasi-dry process.

  • Stiction free, Single step MEMS release
  • Etch-rate adjustable from 0 to about 30 µm/h
  • Single side SiO2 etching (back-side protected during process)
  • Dry process, no wetting problems of deep trenches devices.

-Wafer temperature that can be adjusted from 35°C to 60 °C to regulate etch rates -Electrostatic or mechanical clamping options -Sample size from 1x1 cm pieces to full 6 inch wafers

Timing: Every Friday 10.30 am - 12.00 pm
Material: Piranha cleaning and RCA cleaning, Safety and disposal instructions
Maintenance slot: Every Monday morning 10.00am - 12.00 noon
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