Inline Characterisation

Electrochemical work station

The Solartron Analytical Modulab instrument has variety of applications including electrochemical water splitting, photovoltaic IV measurements, and also electrochemical impedance of both solids and solutions. It is an advanced machine for a variety of applications such as super capacitors, fuel cells and batteries.


The Dektak XT surface profiler is an advanced thin and thick film step height, roughness and 2D stress measurement tool.

Four Point Probe

A four point probe is a simple apparatus for measuring the resistivity of semiconductor samples. By passing a current through two outer probes and measuring the voltage through the inner probes allows the measurement of the substrate resistivity

KMOS Ultra Scan

The Ultra-Scan uses a 2D laser array to map the two-dimensional curvature of semiconductor wafers, optical mirrors, lenses, or practically any polished surface. The system also provides quantitative film stress analysis with full area map scan for wafers by first scanning the bare substrate and then re-scanning the sample post-process.


Ellipsometer measures a change in polarization as light reflects or transmits from a material structure. The polarization change is represented as an amplitude ratio, Ψ, and the phase difference, Δ. The measured response depends on optical properties and thickness of individual materials. Thus, Ellipsometer is primarily used to determine film thickness and optical constants. However, it is also applied to characterize composition, crystallinity, roughness, doping concentration, and other material properties associated with a change in optical response.

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