Heidelberg uPG 501

An optolithography technique in which a laser beam/ LED is used to form the desired patterns on the photoresist is called laser /LED writing (Direct writing). 

The specialty of the Mask Writer is that it can be used for direct pattern generation on any substrate using photolithographic principles with or without using a conventional mask plate. The main purpose of the Mask writer is to make photolithographic mask reticles and masks up to 5inch in Heidelberg µPG 501 system. 

Contamination Level: 
Tool Safety Level: 

• Exposure wavelength – 390 nm

• Soda lime mask plate - Minimum line width of of 3 µm with gap of 3 µm of line width.

• Direct write for mask plates and wafers up to 5” × 5”

• Write speed up to 50 mm2/min

• GDS-2 and CIF Formats are preferable

• High Resolution Multi-Layer patterning capability using Alignment marks

• Primarily used for Mask Writing

• Direct writing on Substrate can also be done

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Cleanroom Equipment Training Form

Charges - Rs.5,000 on completion of the training (one 2 hours slot for training and two slots of one hour each for practice)


Training Schedule: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 10 AM to 1:00 PM

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