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Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) allows users to write patterns with extremely high resolution, smaller than 10nm in size. It makes use of a highly energetic, tightly focused electron beam, which is scanned over a sample coated with an electron-sensitive resist. The electron beam scans the image according to a pattern defined on a CAD file. The sample is then developed in an appropriate solvent which reveals the structures defined into the resist. This acts as a mold for subsequent pattern transfer techniques such as dry etching or metal lift-off. Due to the high-resolution nature of the technique, EBL has a vast range of applications including, but not limited to, nano-electronics, photonics, plasmonics, nano-fluidics, MEMS, x-ray and neutron optics.

NNfC has world class e-beam lithography facility with class 100 clean room and expertise in patterning of sub-20nm features. 

  • Maximum acceleration voltage : 30 kV
  • Can also perform top view and cross section SEM
  • Sub 10nm minimum feature dimensions
  • Electron Beam Induced Deposition ( EBID)
  • Electron Beam Induced Etching (EBIE)
  • Fixed beam moving stage ( FBMS)
  • Various EBL patterns can be done with different resists like PMMA, HSQ, ma-N 240, EL9 and  etc.
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Prerequisite for Training on Electron Beam Lithography tools - Raith e-Line

Training Charges - Rs. 10,000 (should be deposited prior training) On completion of the training - first 4 slots booked would be free of charge

*Schedule: Every week Tuesday and Thursday *Time: 9AM in the lithography room. (should be inside clean room on time)


Expected duration: 1 Month.

SEM experience is highly expected

Users are expected to read the basics of lithography

You should be carrying required clean room accessories (clean room note book, pen, tweezers, dishes etc) for your slots.

It would be highly recommended that you be very punctual for the training. You should find time for using the machine right after the training. If you are not using the machine to get more practice, we wont be able to allow you to use it independently, and you may have to appear for the training again (for which you should be giving a proper explanation). You can join in the later sessions, if you anticipate any discontinuity in the schedule.

Training Schedule

Cleanroom Equipment Training Form

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