Sputter Coater 1 Metals

Sputtering is one of the most widely used techniques for depositing thin films. The target is a plate of the materials to be deposited or the material from which a film is synthesized. Because it is connected to the negative terminal of a dc or RF power supply, the target is also known as the cathode. Typically, several kilovolts are applied to it. The substrate that faces the cathode may be grounded, electrically floating, biased positively or negatively, heated, cooled, or some combination of these. After evacuation of the chamber, a gas, typically argon, is introduced and serves as the medium in which a discharge is initiated and sustained. Gas pressures usually range from a few to 100mtorr. After a visible glow discharge is maintained between the electrodes, it is observed that current flows and that a film condenses on the substrate. In vacuum, of course, there is no current flow and no film deposition. Microscopically, positive ions in the discharge strike the cathode plate and eject neutral target atoms through momentum transfer. These atoms enter and pass through the discharge region to eventually deposit on the growing film. In addition, other particles (secondary electrons, desorbed gases, and negative ions) as well as radiation (X-rays and photons) are emitted from the target.

  • 4 circular substrate holders of 6” diameter.
  • Coating uniformity up to 4” substrate size with rotation. uniformity upto 1.5" circular area for stationary deposition.
  • Target dimensions – 3” dia and ≤ 6mm thickness.
  • Substrate heating up to 600 deg C using localized heaters.
  • Substrate planetary rotation is available for better film uniformity.
  • Cu, Fe, Selenium and Zn targets are not allowed.
  • Target_list_sputter 1

  • Sputtering system supplied by Tecport, one for metals
  • DC sputtering, RF sputtering and Reactive sputtering are feasible.
  • Rotary Dry pump with a pumping speed of 1670 lit/min
  • Turbo Molecular pump for high vacuum with a speed of 1450 lit/sec, 31500 rev/min and its ultimate vacuum 8x10-8 T
  • Pirani, Penning, Full range and Baratron Gauges for chamber.
  • Three magnetrons in each unit– DC and RF power sources in sputter-1
  • DC and RF bias is possible 
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