The SPTS LPX Pegasus Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) system is designed to provide high aspect ratio etching of single crystal silicon using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and reactive ion etching (RIE). With Advanced Silicon Etch (ASE) licensed Bosch process, hundreds of micrometers thick of microstructures can be obtained up to ~20:1 aspect ratio.

  • Bosch process (license)
  • Process : smooth scallops (<30 nm)
  • High aspect ratio (20:1)
  • BOX landing with no trenching or notching
  • Through Silicon Via ( TSV), high etch rates (>20microns/min)
  • 4” to random shape samples
  • Etch rate (3 µm/min >> 30 µm/min)



Recipe Name

Etch rate um/min



Process B

28.2 - 30

1-1.2 um


Process C HF




Process A LF




Process A HF




Process A LF




Isotropic si

25 depth,18 lateral


  • Wafer size: 4” wafers to any random sample size less than 4 inch.
  • Coil source with 6 KW and Platen source with 600 W
  • Gases: C4F8, SF6 and O2
  • Bipolar electro static chuck (ESC)

Training Rules

  • Users are requested to submit the Online Training Form at least 1 day prior to the training slot (see the link below).
  • User should undergo hands on training given by the tool owner.
  • Before attending the training, user should go through the Training document/manual (see tool operating manual link below).
  • After the hands on training, please contact the tool owner to book subsequent practice sessions. Sessions should be booked weekly twice, not more than 1 practice session per day will be accepted. Practice Sessions must be done under the tool owner's supervision. A minimum of 3 such practice sessions are required to be done before authorization.
  • Authorization of the user will depend upon the User's performance during the 3rd Practice Session. Tool Owner can extend the practice sessions if necessary.
  • For every process run, the User must enter the Process details and the Etch results in the Tool Log Book.
  • In case authorized users misuse the tool or breach the dry etch/cleanroom protocols, authorization will be cancelled

Training Schedule

Days : 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.

Slot timing : 15:00 till 17:00 Hours

Online training form: Cleanroom Equipment Training Form