EVG 620

EVG620 is a "SEMI-AUTOMATIC" Contact Photo-Lithographic Alignment and Exposure Tool. It also has the Capability of Front to Back Alignment of Patterns and Aligning wafer stack for the Anodic bonder. Recipes for different Exposure types and Contact Modes can be Pre-Written and is very User friendly. The equipment for Optical Lithography allows for selectively masking and exposure of certain areas of the sample substrate using a ”MASK” and ”SET OF MASK”. Masks are realized in advance by Laser Writer by Etching a Thin Metallic Layer deposited onto a special Glass Slide.

Tool Safety Level: 
  • Wafer/ Substrate Parameter : Up to 4 Inch Substrate and Small Wafer pieces can be handled

  • Mask Parameter : Can handle up to 5 Inch ( 4 Inch Area Exposable).

  • Alignment Accuracy : 0.5µm for Top Side (with 20x). 1µm for Bottom Side (with 20x).

  • Separation/ Proximity Adjustment : A maximum of 300µm adjustable in 1µm steps

  • Contact Force between Mask and Substrate : Adjustable from 0.5N – 40N.

  • Contact Modes : Soft, Hard, Vacuum, Vacuum + Hard, Proximity

  • Printing Resolution : 3µm in Proximity, 1µm in Vacuum + Hard   Contact

  • Lamp House : Standard NUV of 365nm and Standard Lamp Power of 500W

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Training Charges - Rs. 5,000 on completion of the training - first 2 slots booked would be free of charge

Click below link for online training form. Users will receive a conformation mail regarding the Date and Time of the Training conducted on the earliest possible Day from the Date User has applied for Training

Cleanroom Equipment Training Form

Training Rules:

  • Before attending the Training Schedule you should clearly read the Operating Instructions and the details mentioned in website regarding the Lithography Section.

  • After attending the Scheduled Training Slot you should book "PRACTICE SLOTS" in Office Hours by yourself to get hands on experience on the Tool. The "PRACTICE SLOTS" are carried out in the presence of the "TOOL OWNER".

  • You can book a maximum of three "PRACTICE SLOTS" to get Hands on experience on the tool, if you are not confident with the Tool even after three "PRACTICE SLOTS" you should attend the Training Schedule again and repeat the previous step.

  • If you cannot find any Slots for Practice Session in Office Hours contact Tool Owner.

  • During the Practice Slots (under the observation of Tool Owner) if you are confident with the usage of Tool, you will get the Authorization for using the Tool Independently.

  • Once you are Authorized User try to use the Tool in Non-Office Hours.


Training Schedule:

Day:1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Timings: Morning 10 AM to 1 PM.

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You are not authorized to access this content.