SPF-332H Multi-Cathode Sputtering System

Sputter deposition is a physical vapour deposition process for depositing thin films, sputtering means ejecting material from a target and depositing it on a substrate such as a silicon wafer. The target is the source material. Substrates are placed in a vacuum chamber and are pumped down to a prescribed process pressure. Sputtering starts when a negative charge is applied to the target material causing a plasma or glow discharge. Positive charged gas ions generated in the plasma region are attracted to the negatively biased target plate at a very high speed. This collision creates a momentum transfer and ejects atomic size particles from the target. These particles are deposited as a thin film into the surface of the substrates. Magnetron sputtering can be done either in DC or RF modes. 

3 circular substrate holders of 3” diameter.
Coating uniformity up to 2.5” substrate size with rotation. 
Target dimensions – 3” dia and ≤ 6mm thickness. 
Substrate heating up to 150 deg C.
Substrate planetary rotation is available for better film uniformity. 
Cu, Fe and Zn targets are allowed.
  • Sputtering system supplied by Anelva for RF Oxides and metals deposition and DC Anelva for only metal deposition.
  • DC sputtering, RF sputtering and Reactive sputtering are feasible.
  • Pirani and Penning gauges for vaccum and crystal monitor is provided for measuring thickness of the materials.
  • 3” Three magnetrons and substrate size is upto 3” Si wafer and uniformity of the substrate is upto 60%.


 Anelva Sputtering Unit Model SPF-332H


Three numbers 3” planar magnetron cathodes


Argon plasma

Gasses used

Ar, O2, N2

Power Source

Direct current for conductive materials, radio frequency for insulators

Ultimate Pressure

4X10-6 mbar


Operating Parameters:

Argon pressure                      

Depends upon the materials

Sputter voltage


Substrate temperature

150 °C

Substrate to target distance

5.2cm -10cm

Deposition time

Depends upon the thickness


System Configuration:

Pumping System

Main Line: 600L/s. 4” oil diffusion pump (CDP-600)

                                4” liquid N2 trap (956-7152)

Roughing Line: 260L/m, direct drive mechanical rotary pump


Main Valve: 4” Butterfly valve

Gas Inlet Valve: Variable leak valve (951-9172)

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