MDPmap Lifetime measurement tool

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MDPmap is a compact bench top contactless tool for measuring parameters like carrier lifetime, photoconductivity, resistivity and defect information over a wide injection range in steady state or short pulse excitation (μ-PCD). Automated sample recognition and parameter setup allows an easy adaption to a big variety of different samples comprising epitaxial layers and wafers after various preparation stages ranging from as-grown wafers to up to 95% metallized ones

  • Mapping Capability of Carrier lifetime & Photoconductivity
  • Sample thickness Range – 10µm to 20mm
  • Sample size : 5 x 5 mm2 to 12 inch wafer
  • Measurement spot size : 0.5 mm to 10mm
  • Excitation Power : 405nm & 980nm laser , Option available to add another external UV laser (355 nm)
  • Integrated Heating stage : room temperature to 200°C
  • Measurement speed: < 5 minutes for a 6 inch Si wafer, 1 mm resolution
  • Range of lifetimes: 20 ns to several ms
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