MBraun Thermal Evaporator System [Glove Box equipment]

Thermal Evaporator is inside the Glove Box.

•       4” diameter sample Holder.

•      Coating uniformity 10%.

•      Substrate planetary rotation is available for better film uniformity.

                     Substrate heater not available



 MBraun Thermal Evaporator System [glovebox integrated]


Two terminal Electrodes

Power Source

Resistive Heating, LT Source

Ultimate Pressure

3X10-6 mbar


Au, Al, Ag, In, Ca, Bi, Zn, Pb, MoO3 etc;

Substrate Holder

Tungsten boat, Tungsten helical coils, Tungsten baskets, Molybdinum boats are available.













Operating Parameters:


1-50% of LT source

Substrate Rotation


Substrate to target distance


Deposition time

Depends upon the thickness and power

System connected to Turbo molecular pump >230l/s for high vacuum

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