Spin Coater

Spin coating has been used for several decades for the application of thin films. A typical process involves depositing a small puddle of a fluid substrate onto the centre of a substrate and then spinning the substrate at high speed. Centripetal acceleration will cause the fluid to spread to, and eventually off, the edge of the substrate leaving a thin film of fluid on the surface. Final film thickness and other properties will depend on the nature of the fluid (viscosity, drying rate, per cent solids, surface tension, etc.) and the parameters chosen for the spin process. Factors such as final rotational speed, acceleration, and fume exhaust contribute to how the properties of coated films are defined.

1. Make: HOLMARC Model: HO-TH-05

2. Chuck diameters - 10mm, 22mm, and 35mm

3. Holding capacity: 4” wafer


    Actuator                                :         Brushless DC motor

    Spinning speed                      :          60 - 8000rpm

    Power input                           :           230V, 50Hz

    Read out                                 :           20 x 4 line LCD

    Spin chamber                        :           Nylon

    Acceleration                           :           5 - 2000 rpm / sec

    Spinning Speed Accuracy    :           < 5%

    Programmable parameter   :           Speed, Acceleration, Dwell time and No. of steps

    Maximum no of steps            :           9

    Program memory                  :           9 programs (non – volatile)

    Dimension                              :           400mm Depth x 275mm W x 500mm H

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