Spin Coater (Inside the Glove Box)

Spin Coater is used to distribute Photoresist in a unifrom layer by spinning a Substrate. This spin processor is used for spin coat Polymers. A typical process involves depositing a small puddle of a fluid substrate onto the centre of a substrate and then spinning the substrate at high speed. Final film thickness and other properties will depend on the nature of the fluid (viscosity, drying rate, per cent solids, surface tension, etc.) and the parameters chosen for the spin process. Factors such as final rotational speed, acceleration, and fume exhaust contribute to how the properties of coated films are defined.

Make: Suss Microtech  Model: DELTA6RC, glovebox integrated configuration

Maximum spin speed: 7000rpm

Multiple steps: Possible, programmable

Holding capacity: 3” wafer

Spin chamber        :       Nylon

  • Power: 24VDC / 15A
  • Speed: 100 up to 7,000 rpm ( +/- 1 rpm)
  • Recipes: Up to 10
  • Segments: Up to 10 segments
  • Segment time: Up to 999 s
  • Material: Resistant against most common solvents
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